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    JDBC and Catalina

    Anthony Marlowe Newbie

      I have and 2.6 INGRES II DB with JDBC 2.0 running with no problem with JBoss 2.4.4 and Tomcat 3.2.3(4). But when I run my JDBC settings with and startup JBoss with run_with_catalina.sh (Solaris 2.7) I get a null point exception in rollinglog.PersistenceManager after the startup of Catalina, the initial invocation of the PerstenceManager starts without a hitch. The vanilla version works correctly also.

      I've taken the JDBC entries I used in the jboss.jcml Tomcat version and copied them into the jboss.jcml for the catalina version. I do not have hypersonicSQL running in either version and no DefaultDS, I've set the DefaultDS, but this makes no difference.

      I tried some the changes mentioned here in the forums but to no avail.

      Any ideas?