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    Problem getting JNI + JSP to work

    glenn waldron Newbie

      I'm trying to access a JNI library from a JSP. The shared library (.so) loads just fine, but the JSP engine can't access the methods. It reports UnsatisfiedLinkError when the native functions are called.

      The library loads OK, via loadLibrary(), so my -Djava.library.path is right. I can successfully test the JNI code from the command line, so I know that's OK. I've tried putting the .jar containing the native method calls in multiple places (the .war, the jboss lib/ext dir, etc.) with no luck.

      I'm using JBoss 2.4.4 with embedded Catalina.

      BTW, it works fine using straight Tomcat 3 (no jboss).

      Any advise is appreciated, Thanks. -gw