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    Documentation on the Ajax4Jsf framework

      Hi there,

      Is there any documentation regarding the Ajax4jsf framework for building custom Ajax enabled components? I don't mean just putting a4j:support on existing controls but building proper Ajax-enabled JSF components like the RichFaces components.

      It looks from a browse around the code that there are a fair few building blocks in the code that the Ajax4jsf and RichFaces components are based upon. Like the JSF API has a bunch of extension points for building custom components and plenty of documentation around about how to do it (examples etc).

      I think it would really help adoption of Ajax4Jsf as the library of choice for building Ajax components if there was some good documentation with worked examples explaining how to use the framework (both Javascript and Java sides) for people to build their own components. Something like the RichFaces suggestion box and the process of how it was built.