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    Help with error : Class X violates loader constraints

    Joao Clemente Newbie

      Hi! I get this error when running a servlet/ejb program that I wrote, but I don't know what this means, or from where does it comes from.

      ----- Error sample here ---------

      java.lang.LinkageError: Class web/Subscribe/SubscribeBean violates loader constraints at web.Subscribe.SubscribeServlet.processRequest(SubscribeServlet.java:84)


      I had the same example running in a Sun J2ee implementation, with the aid of the sun deployment tool, that writes the web.xml, apllication.xml and propryetary sun j2e xml file. It ran without a problem.

      Then I tryed to deploy it in JBoss, and I've done (or tried to) a jboss.xml that would reflect the same things that were in the sun's xml file...

      At this time I'm not sure if the error I'm getting can be simply by a badly made jboss.xml or not...

      Any help or comments? Thank you.

      Joao Clemente
      Computer Science - IST - Portugal