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    Class not found in EJB

    Erik Sliman Apprentice

      I have two servers. On server A, everything works, on server B, it cannot find the class for a home interface, blowing up on the following line:

      private OrganizationHome orgHome;

      This class is in a JAR that deploys without errors on both servers, and appears the same in the JNDIView of both servers.

      The same JSP on the same servers has no trouble seeing the home interface classes of EJBs in a different JAR. Therefore, the following in the same JSP works without error in both servers:

      private RoleHome roleHome ; // in EJB1
      // private OrganizationHome orgHome; // in EJB2

      Here is the error in the JBoss log:

      [EmbeddedTomcatSX] 2002-03-01 12:39:30 - Ctx( ): JasperException: R( + /organization.jsp + null) Unable to compile class for JSPD:\PROGRAMS\JBoss\JBoss-2.4.0_Tomcat-3.2.3\tomcat\work\localhost_8080\_0002forganization_0002ejsporganization_jsp_0.java:30: Class OrganizationHome not found.
      private OrganizationHome orgHome;
      Why can server A see it, but not server B? For both servers, I am using JBoss-2.4.0_Tomcat-3.2.3.

      Please help. Erik