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    jps:usebean session scope

    David Meyers Newbie

      I'm using JBoss-2.4.4_Jetty-3.1.3-1

      I'm doing a:
      <jsp:useBean id="clientForm" class="com.rms.action.form.ClientForm" scope="session"/>
      on one jsp page, then the same line on the next jsp page.

      However, the constructor is being called twice for the ClientForm. I am 100% positive that I am spelling clientForm the same.

      No where in my code am I doing "new ClientForm()"

      Is this a jetty bug somewhere? Why would it instantiate another ClientForm. I need to use the data from the bean on both pages.

      I looked on the jetty SourceForge, but even though it claims there are 4 mailing lists, there is only 1 when you drill into it.