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    HTTP Post Listening Startup/Shutdown

    Adam Malter Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have a quick issue with how JBoss 2.4.4/Embedded Tomcat on WinNT is opening a closing the http port.

      We have a high volume website that uses a F5 box with proactive testing for clustering. This means that if an app server has an open port, the F5 considers it good and sends requests its way...

      The problem is that JBoss starts up the embedded catalina service well before it deploys. (In fact, it seems that it must be started or war deploys fail, which makes plenty of sense)

      Hence the server has an open port well before it is truly ready to be accepting connections.

      The same thing goes for shutdown. The shutdown listening thread seems to run the .stop in a pseudo-random order (Possibly deployment order) So for a significant chunk of time this leaves the server with an open port, but unable to fulfill requests properly...

      Now Weblogic and some of the other app server's I've looked at open the listening port last and close it first. This seems the only sane behavior...

      Is there a way to get JBoss to do this? Possibly its just a configuration issue.

      Otherwise, I'm just going to change the EmbeddedCatalina mbean to perform like this. I'd hate to get too far off the primary source tree though, so hopefully there is another way of handling this...