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    Build JBoss 3.0 beta2 + Catalina from CVS


      I tried to build the Catalina plugin .sar from the CVS snapshot 03/25/2002, but the build.xml seems to be broken.

      When I add the -Dmodules=catalina to my build command line, I get an error, that there is no target "most" in the module's build file.

      I added the "most" target (same as main) and got missing packages (javax.servlet.*). I added the j2ee.jar to the build-classpath and then the build went thru.

      I copied the .sar into the server's deploy directory and started JBoss.

      Now I got missing classes exceptions (org.apache.catalina.LifecycleListener).

      I added the catalina.jar to the JBoss classpath and got a "non conforming MBean" (I don't remember exactly)exception.

      That was the same exception, that I got, after I tried to use the Catalina plugin .sar from beta1 with the actual CVS snapshot.

      Any ideas ?