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    How does the stubs send an UTF-8 String between web/ejb remo

    Thomas Phan Newbie

      My WAR and EJB tiers run in a separated VMs on 2 different servers. One of them has default locale being BIG5, and the other has ISO-8859-1

      I've a String with UTF-8 encoding in the Tomcat process (4.0.2), and send it to the JBoss process (3.0 beta 2). However, the JBoss process cannot decode the UTF-8 String

      I also tried to send an array of bytes, byte[], from JBoss to Tomcat, and construct a UTF-8 String from the String constructor. The convertion works fine in the JBoss process, but doesn't work in the Tomcat one. So whenever there's a IPC, the String cannot be shown correctly. Any idea? I want to use UTF-8 String, as I want to transfer XML (as String or byte[]) between the process

      p.s. I tried to construct the String using ByteArrayOutputStream after the IPC, but failed as well