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    Servlet, JNI and autoconf.

    Erik Mattsson Newbie

      Im developing a servlet that uses native code (JNI) for compressing a RGB image to a jpeg2000 image. And now Ive finally managed to get everything to work, from receiving the image to running it through the JNI code.

      But, now to the problem. Our webhost uses JBoss as the Servlet engine ( and other EE ), but they uses the autodetecting, autoconfiguring stuff for all users servlets. ie I ask them to add the servlet.war as a mount point for apache, which sends a web request to JBoss that handles the request.

      So far so good, but they dont know how to set the library.path for every user that wants to use JNI (so the servlet can find the library). They have told me that they dont want to include the libraries in a global directory (as in /usr/java/...) so is there a way to include a per-user defined directory where the JBoss can find the libraries ?
      And if so how ?

      I dont ask for that JBoss should reload a library every time it is updated but when the JBoss starts. (since they restart the servers, 12 and 17 then this wont be a big problem)

      Any clues or help ??