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    webContext for a webapp (war file) What is it?

    Craig Day Newbie

      Just trying 2.4.5 with tomcat 4.0.3 and it seems that war files deployed with jboss get placed into some random webContext (i.e. the URL path in the tomcat container). ive trawled the spec, and I cant find where you specify what the context should be. in older versions of tomcat the context was taken from the name of the war file, but jboss isnt passing this down to the tomcat deployer. i got around the problem by packaging as an .ear which allows you to specify the context in the application.xml file, but this is obviously overhead i want to avoid sometime. what exactly is the standard for the webContext for war files? where do you specify it? all calls I could locate from the Installers into Deployment.addWeModule pass a null webContext value, which then gets passed by J2EEDeployer straight to the WarDeployer (tomcat).