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    jboss caching webpages

    Simon Newbie

      hi everyone - i'm in the middle of developing my first project using jboss and catalina, and i'm having a problem with jsps being cached.

      i change a page, rebuild my .ear file and deploy it, but then when i view the page again, i still see the previous version. i've cleaned out explorer's cache, so that's not where the problem is.

      i presume therefore that it's jboss or catalina doing the caching, how can i stop this delinquent behaviour?

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          Mike Newbie

          We encountered the same problem.

          Go to the \JBoss-2.4.4_Tomcat-4.0.1\catalina\work\localhost (or whatever your hostname is) directory can delete the files under the directory with the same name as your webapp. Or delete the whole directory with the same name as the webapp.

          We ended up creating an ant task to do this as part of the build and deploy process.


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            Adrian Brock Master

            The problem is a bug in Sun's file: protocol handler.
            It reports all files as last modfied in 1 Jan 1970.
            This has been fixed in java 1.4

            JBoss3 has recently added its own file: protocol handler
            so this problem should go away with java 1.3 as well.