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    ServletException causes shutdown of JBOSS

    Sumant Kailas Newbie

      I am using JBoss-2.4.4_Tomcat-4.0.1 deployed on Linux server (2.4.17).
      If the deployed servlet init() method throw ServletException, the jboss server is invoking the Shutdown of all the services. Please the following is snippet of the server log.
      [2002-04-12 23:14:27,581,EmbeddedCatalinaServiceSX] BookInventoryServlet: init
      [2002-04-12 23:14:27,880,Default] Shutting down
      [2002-04-12 23:14:27,881,ServiceControl] Stopping 48 MBeans
      [2002-04-12 23:14:27,883,MailService] Stopping
      [2002-04-12 23:14:27,885,MailService] Mail service 'Mail' removed from JNDI
      [2002-04-12 23:14:27,885,MailService] Stopped
      [2002-04-12 23:14:27,962,RMIConnectorService] Stopping
      [2002-04-12 23:14:27,962,RMIConnectorService] Stopped
      [2002-04-12 23:14:27,963,JMXAdaptorService] Stopping
      [2002-04-12 23:14:27,964,JMXAdaptorService] Stopped
      [2002-04-12 23:14:27,964,AutoDeployer] Stopping
      [2002-04-12 23:14:27,964,AutoDeployer] Stopped
      Is this a default behavior and is there any way this could be changed using config. parameters.

      I appreciate any help on this.