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    JBOSS3-Catalina and Apache: MBean Class not found...

    Yasir Khokhar Newbie

      I know this is a popular post, but i have not found anything on JBOSS3/catalina bundle to integrate with apache. I've successfully integrated 2.2.4 but can't figure out JBOSS3. I've tried putting the following code:

      as joss-ajp.xml in the deploy directory....nothing happened.

      then i copied that code in the jboss-service.xml file in the conf directory and got the following:

      18:50:16,163 ERROR [ServiceController] Could not create MBean: DefaultDomain:service=EmbeddedTomcat
      javax.management.ReflectionException: The MBean class could not be loaded by the specified loader
      at com.sun.management.jmx.MBeanServerImpl.createMBean(MBeanServerImpl.java:754)

      And before that i once got that the org.jboss.catalina ClassDefNot found.

      Question is. where and how do i configure the embedded catalina to go AJP ??? Aparently it doesn't read the server.xml file, what file DOES it read ???

      JBoss2.4.4 is working fine with apache....shouldn't 2 be easier?