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    JBoss-2.4.5/Tomcat-4.0.3 + Virtual Hosts

    Jakob Kramer Newbie

      I fear this topic may be beaten to death but I am in need of some guidance. I know JBoss 2.4.5 has support for virtual hosts as per the change log. What I need to know is which files need to be configured to allow this, as well as how to alter those files.
      Despite being new to Java development and newer still to JBoss in particular, I have been charged with the task (not one I've sought) of determining how best to move our applications from Orion to JBoss (for which virtual hosting is an absolute necessity). I've gotten an existing application to run under JBoss-2.4.4 so only the virtual hosting issue is of concern to me at this point.
      Normally I would quite enjoy sorting though everything in my own time learning it and letting it soak in and all, unfortunately I am not graced with the luxury of time, so any help would be welcome help.
      I should also note that as of this posting I am still downloading the JBoss-2.4.5_Tomcat-4.0.3.zip file (sourceforge is particularly slow today), so it may very well be when I view the conf files it will all be clear, but for now I'm hedging my bets :)

      Thank you kindly in advance,
      ~Jakob Kramer