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    Permission denied in IE7

    Per Jansson Newbie

      Hi, I have this problem:


      What is the status on this problem? I am using ajax4jsf 1.1.0.



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          Thomas Decaux Newbie

          Hi !

          IE 7 brings some news (sometimes bad ...) like Wi*** Vis**, in my mind, these news provides more security for internet. AJAX uses xmlHTTPRequest() function which calls HTTP pages on servers without user agree. It could be dangerous for him so Win** do its job !

          I dont know if with a certificate it works better or not.

          Try, try & try again !

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            Sergey Smirnov Master

            Pichdude, the link above shoe the post with code that is not available already. Could you repost it here.

            In general, we already corrected the part that worked with xmlHTTPRequest toward the IE7 specific. At least, all our test are passed not. No, we need more use cases where the problems are reproducible.