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    Servlet, Jetty configuration

    Erik Turesson Novice


      I am using the latest from CVS. I precompile my jsp pages into servlets and I do the mapping in the web.xml file. My problem is that I have jsp/servlets in different directories, for example misc/hello.jsp and login/login.jsp.

      When I try to include or forward misc/hello.jsp from the login/login.jsp page the url will be login/misc/hello.jsp.

      My include statment looks lik <jsp:include page="/misc/hello.jsp>" flush="true"/> and the url-pattern is set to /misc/hello.jsp in the web.xml. Even if I try to do an include using the ful URL http://localhost.../misc/hello.jsp webserver thinks the url should be login/http://localhost.../misc/hello.jsp

      How do I configure to get it working.

      /Erik Turesson