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    Catalina and JBoss3 :(

    mik Newbie


      I've got some troubles with the new version of JBoss3 with Catalina.

      Let me introduce you to my application :
      I use JSP which use bean to connect a Session EJB which works on Entity EJB.

      My trouble in two words :
      It seems that catalina use different session (http) for each page of my application. :(

      In my first page (index.jsp), I initialize a field in my bean which links my Session EJB (with properties for login, password ...).
      Then after the logging session, the user comes on a second page (menu.jsp).
      But on this page (and other) have got some troubles :
      1- no attribute put in the session of my first page could be reach ! :(
      2- it seems that my bean have lost its reference to my Session bean ! :(

      I've tried to resolve the problem but I don't manage to solve it.

      Help me please !

      My search :
      1- I used JBoss2.4.4 and Catalina4.0.1 (not the embedded one) with my version of EJB 1.1.
      I've discovered that I've always the same session Id in my JSP but now the session is always different from one page to another.
      2- I've tried to open my second page (menu.jsp) in the same window with <jsp:forward page="menu.jsp"/> in index.jsp and all works !!!