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    load balancing + tomcat stuff

    Rob Tice Newbie

      I am currently running apache 2.035 / tomcat 4.0.3 and jboss 3.0 rc2. They are all communicating fine, however I have a general question. The current architecture that I have is a single apache balancing across 3 tomcats. As an experiment I have replaced one of these tomcats with a jboss/tomcat pair. This is all fine. What is the recommended architecture to replicate this type of distributed apache/tomcat balancing. Should I replace each tomcat with a tomcat/jboss pair or is there a more elegant solution (For test purposes until deployment all tomcat(s) / jboss(es)/ apache are( will be) on the same box). (PS Is there any real 3.0 documentation out there)