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    Cookies and session problems

    Alexandre Torres Newbie

      I have Jboss 3.0 on 2 workstations, one linux red hat 7 and one win 2k, both with Sun´s JDK 1.4.
      Also, we have about 20 w2k workstations with internet explorer.
      On about a half of machines, when I access exactly the same system on linux, the cookies are not saved on the browser. Also, nothing that I put on session are keeped btw posts.
      But all works fine with my w2k server. I copied the Jboss tree btw the 2 machines, and it persists. So, why it could happen. Also, I discovered that reinstalling IE corrects the problem... but just until the next "QAXX MS correction security" Win Update.
      So, I´d like to understand if it´s an MS startegy or some kind of strange problem with my "cookie packets"...
      Any suggestion ? I´m about to reinstall the linux...