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    Resin Plugin 2.1.2 for JBoss 3.0 available

    Dorothy Gantenbein Newbie

      Hi -

      I have just completed the next generation of the Resin plugin. This new Resin plugin integrates JBoss 3.0.0 with Resin 2.1.2 (meaning same VM). There is an existing version of the Resin plugin for Resin 2.0.5 and JBoss 3.0.0. Also, there is an existing Resin plugin that integrates JBoss 2.4.4 with Resin 2.0.5.

      The Resin plugins work like the Jetty and Tomcat plugins already distributed with JBoss. The dynamic deploy and undeploy of your servlet (war file in ear) happens automatically just like you would expect.

      You can download all versions of the Resin plugin from


      Just follow the instructions in the README.txt file to configure JBoss to use Resin 2.1.2 as its web container.

      Please let me know of any issues.


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          Bogdan Ghidireac Newbie


          I downloaded the latest plugin+resin and the installation was easy.

          The problem is that my application (ear file) is not working with resin. (It is working well with jboss3+tomcat)

          500 Servlet Exception
          javax.servlet.ServletException: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local
          Settings\Temp\nested-35818.war\WEB-INF\web.xml:22: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

          com.incensoft.ipe.util.StartUp is a listener and it's defined in web.xml. It is present in the WEB-INF/classes too.


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            Hans Gill Newbie

            Hi I have set up the resin plugin with jboss and it works quiet well. Do you know why i cant get it to work with apache? I put the loadmodule and all the other files in teh httpd.conf of apache but i get an error that the mod_caucho.c is not compatible with the version of apache. I am using apache 2.0.39 and resin 2.1.2 and jboss 3.0.

            here is the code snippet from my httpd file

            LoadModule caucho_module modules/mod_caucho.dll
            AddModule mod_caucho.c

            <IfModule mod_caucho.c>
            CauchoConfigFile d:/prog/jboss3.0.0/resin/conf/resin.conf
            <Location /caucho-status>
            SetHandler caucho-status

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              Rick Salsa Newbie

              I don't think that Resin's apache module works with 2.x. AFAIK it only works with Apache 1.3.x. Try the Resin mailing list for more answers.