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    Hierarchial Web Application???

    TRK Newbie

      Please go through this link:


      I need something similar to this. Nobody seems to have a solution for this.
      On the brighter side, I am happy to find people having the same problems like me. ;-). It gives me a sense of not being alone.

      But would feel happier if somebody could provide me a solution.


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          Joel Vogt Master

          Can you give a bit more detailed example of what exactly you are trying to do?

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            TRK Newbie

            Hi Joe,
            Well, we are building web based organizer for a user. Wherein we have opted for the actions framework of struts. The other web applications like address book, birthday reminders are all different web applications which can be deployed/undeployed based on the customer preference.

            If that is the case, how should I deploy my framework(Struts). i.e I need a hierarchial approach. Because I need a single login page, from which based on the applications deployed will enable the links for the same.

            If that is the case, then there are two options:

            i) duplicate the framework( struts+ our custom framework pages) in all the deployed web applications, which I do not approve of.

            ii)Having a hierarchial approach wherein, when some jsp page or some resource is accessed it must first search in the current web application and then the framework application ( which will be deployed as the root context).

            So, the (ii) option is what I am working towards.

            Any thoughts...


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              Joel Vogt Master

              Well okay just to be clear, you have say, address.war, reminder.war etc (or .ear, doesn't matter). And what you want to be able to do is on machine X deploy wars 1, 2 and 3 but only wars 1 and 2 on machine Y?

              In addition you have an app which is your login (framework) application which should be deployed on both machines and can determine which other apps are deployed and provide access to them.

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                TRK Newbie

                Say I have 3 wars frmwrk.war, address.war, reminder.war.I will deploy all the three in the same server. Please note that the frmwrk.war will contain struts also.

                In this scenario, the frmwrk.war will be the root context. The user logs in this context alone. The pages provide links to the other deployed applications. When I visit some page in the address.war application, which uses some jsp page or some resource then it must be first searched in the current application (address.war) and then in the frmwrk application(frmwrk.war).

                I think I am not organizing my war's the way it is supposed to be ... Can someone help me out???