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    Problem with using bean in jsp in ear

    navneet Newbie


      I am using a bean to handle the form data and so i use a usebean tag in jsp like below.
      <jsp:useBean id="formHandler" class="mobile.bean.FormBean" scope="request">
      <jsp:setProperty name="formHandler" property="*"/>

      I have this FormBean class in package mobile.bean
      When i create a war file and deploy it in JBoss3.0.0RC3-Jetty it works fine.The war file has the FormBean class.

      However, when i put the war file and another jar file into an EAR file and deploy it, and when i submit my form i get an error, though i do not get any error at the time of deploy. I get the following error

      11:15:45,062 WARN [Jetty] WARNING: Servlet Exception for /testapp/process.jsp
      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: mobile/bean/FormBean

      Can anyone please help. Am i doing anything wrong. I have been trying to fix it since 2 days but couldn't and the strange thing is when i deploy the war seperately it works fine.