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    JBoss 3.0, Catalina, and Class Visibility problems

    Ben Brantley Newbie

      Greetings all,

      I've searched the archives and found several posts that touch around my problem, but no real answers.

      I'm trying to deploy a single EAR. Inside the EAR is a WAR with some servlets and a JAR filled with EJBs and helper classes.

      The WAR has several servlets inside, one WEB-INF/web.xml descriptor, and no other accessory code in WEB-INF/classes.

      The JAR has several beans and several additional helper/"library" classes.

      My assumption was that at some level a classloader would load my JAR (EJBs) first and then delegate a child classloader to load my WAR. In that way, I could expect my servlets in the WAR to be able to see library code in the JAR via the parent classloader. (Furthermore, I wish to reference additional library JARs via the EJB-JAR's manifest classpath, but I'm not even there yet.)

      Is there something else I should be doing here? There was once a document describing the new classloader hierarchy for Jboss 3, but it seems to have disappeared.

      Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!