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    BUG: Session Objects Get Invalidated Between Each Requests

    Nathan Gulley Newbie


      I downloaded and installed JBoss 3.0 RC 1 w/ tomcat 4.0 on Windows 2K computer w/ JDK 1.3.1.

      I was able to start the server and deploy applications. However, the apps I deploy are useless becuase the Session object keeps getting invalidated between Servlet and JSP requests. Objects that I store in the session from one Servlet or JSP can't be accesses from other JSPs or servlets. I checked the Request Header and it turns out that the cookie ID is different for each Request.

      I checked the ..\server\default\deploy\tomcat4-service.xml
      file and the "cookies" properties is set to "true".

      Any idea of what's wrong? I didn't make any changes to the config file except adding a JAVA_HOME variable to the run.bat file.