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    Manager app with embedded Tomcat

    Wellie Chao Newbie

      Anyone know how to get the manager app deployed in embedded Tomcat with JBoss? I'm using JBoss 3.0.0 with Tomcat 4.0.3. The reason I'm trying to get the manager app deployed is to be able to programmatically get the location where the unpacked WAR for any given context is stored. When JBoss 3.0.0 with Tomcat 4.0.3 deploys an EAR, it unpacks the EAR and puts the JAR in /tmp/nested-{#####}.jar where {#####} is some five digit number (at least based on what I've seen). It also unpacks the WAR to a directory called /tmp/nested-{#####}.war, where {#####} is the same five digit number used for the JAR. Is there a good way of determining this five digit number? The reason I ask is that I want to set up an Ant build task that just updates the JSPs. That way I save time during the change, deploy, test cycle that happens so often during development. Right now I am using a one-line perl script that just checks the last file deployed in the server.log file and figures out the five digit number. This is a really hokey method of determining the number and also doesn't work very well with multiple projects. It also breaks when the server log is rotated.