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    Jikes + JBoss 3.0

    Mark Wolfe Newbie

      Just wondering what I need to change to get JBoss 3.0 to use jikes to compile JSP files?

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          Julian Gosnell Expert

          somewhere in the jetty distrib (probably org.mortbay.jetty.jar) you should find a webdefault.xml.

          (this will be in the jetty-plugin.sar or jbossweb.sar).

          This specifies the standard default servlets, mappings etc for all webapps.

          There are comments in there about how to enable Jikes JSP compilation.

          Changing this file will do it for all webapps - alternatively, you could put the Jasper stuff explicitly into a single webapp's web.xml and set the Jikes stuff just there.

          whichever suits you best,



          Let me know if this worked for you and I will add it to my FAQ :


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            Oguz Kologlu Newbie

            It's a little painful but it works - see also
            You need to add all the required classes/jars for compilation which is a bit long winded but it should your webdefault.xml in org.mortbay.jetty.jar should look something like:


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              Julian Gosnell Expert

              Thanks, I'll put that in the FAQ.

              I will be moving the webdefault.xml out of it's jar and into the sar, to give easier access soon - then this will become simpler.


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                Erik Newbie

                How does one do this in 3.0.3? There is no webdefaults.xml, in a jar or otherwise that I can find.

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                  Federico Boschetti Newbie

                  I tried following this method: now I have only a problem with the accented vowels in the HTML produced by jboss.
                  Are there other ways to configure jikes and classpath on jboss-3.0.4?