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    JSP import NoClassDefError

    hongmei Newbie

      Hi, all.

      I have a .ear file which packs a .war file and .jar file inside. It can deploy successfully, but I met a problem when I run a jsp page, it gave me NoClassDefError exception, looks like it can not find any classes in import clause, but I did see those classes in the WAR file. I am using JBoss3.0.0_Tomcat4.0.3. and here is the directory structure in the .war file:
      and I run a jsp page from jsp/Login/Login.jsp.

      Can anybody help me out, tell me what's wrong? or which JBoss version work ok with JSP1.2 and ejb2.0, and where I can get it? Actually I post this problem several times in these days but I didn't get any real answer yet. Please!!!!!