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    Connections refused under heavy load

    Ian Hunter Newbie

      Hi Folks,

      We're using 2.4.4 with Jetty and get connections refused under heavy (actually moderate load) using Win2K

      I've seen other postings about this, but no apparent resolution.

      Is there a known problem with a solution, or is Win2K really an unacceptable platform for this.

      Many Thanks
      Ian Hunter

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          Greg Wilkins Newbie

          Well it all depends on what your set up is and how many
          connections you have etc. etc.

          First step - use the JMX interface to turn on stats in Jetty
          and then have a look and see what is happening.

          Try things like:

          + increasing maxThreads so you have more threads to service

          + Increasing minThreads so low resource action takes place earlier

          + Decrease the idle time so you have less idle threads consuming resources.

          + Decrease the low resources persist time so that when you are low on threads you don't persist idle connections too long.

          + Look for stuck requests. Do you have some servlets that
          are taking tooo long to complete. (you have pre compiled your JSPs right?)

          + Stop using JSPs :-) only joking

          So I expect that it is just tuning, but it may be a bug.
          The stats will tell you what is happening.

          IF it is a tuning issue it is not hard to optimize it
          or you can cuy a Jetty support contract and we'll tune it for you http://www.mortbay.com/mortbay/services.html