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    bug handling WEB-INF/lib/*.jar

    Raffaele Spazzoli Newbie

      jboss fail to handle jar files put in the WEB-INF/lib/*.jar of a war file when the war file is in a application archive (.ear).
      There are many other threads about this topic in this forum, but in none of the the developers of jboss recognize the bug and commit in resolving it. This is unexplanable...
      As for now possible work-around are putting the required file in the jboss lib/ext (or lib for jboss 3.0) or create an application descriptor with additiona entries like this (thanks eric128):
      I must also notice that putting a ClassPath entry in the manifest file of a jar file containig ejbs like the following:
      Class-Path: lib/myUtilities.jar
      should let the classes of the ejb see classes in myUtilities.jar when this jar is packaged inside the ear (using the root of the ear as the current directory from which to search the classpath entry). Instead it doesn't work either. From the deployment messages it seems that jboss try to use the directory whre it uncopress the ear as root for the classpath entry but it forget to uncompress anythin that is not specified in the application.xml. Again the work-around is to put the required jar in the lib/ext dirctory of jboss

      Theese are not blocking bug, nevertheless it would be nice to have them corrected because the idea behind the ear is to have a single file for the deployment which make the deployment phase much more safe and easy to keep under control