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    JSP compile error

    Jon Tirsen Newbie

      Okay, I've seen this discussed earlier in this forum but I am still not getting it to work.

      I am trying to compile a JSP-page in a war. The jsp-page imports some classes from an ejb-jar and some classes from an ordinary jar. All these archives are included into an ear.

      I get an "Class X not found in import". Where X is a class included in the ordinary jar. No complaints about the classes in the ejb-jar.

      I have tried all the tricks that I could find in this forum, namely: Classpath in manifest.mf, Classpath with '../' appended on jars in manifest.mf, all jar-files into WEB-INF/lib. To no avail...

      Isn't the classloader of a war supposed to be based on the ejb-classloader in an ear? Ie. a war should load all the classes that the ejbs uses. Thats how it works for my precompiled servlet that is working fine in exactly the same ear.

      Any help appreciated greatly!

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          Mikael Eriksson Novice

          I see the same behaviour in 3.0.0, but it is fixed in the 3.0.1 download! So run and get it :-)
          Btw, the problem is that the jasper jsp compeler does not get the right classpath when it is run, so other uses of the classes from the jar works in 3.0.0.

          My structure is:

          -- myjar.jar
          -- myweb.war
          -- myejb.jar

          The ejb is deployed as a ejb module and myweb as a webmodule by application.xml.

          The only classpath i need in the manifest.mf is that I have
          Class-Path: myjar.jar
          in the manifests for myweb.war and myejb.jar.

          You do not need to have a a classpath entry to get the classes in the ejb if it is deployed.


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            Jon Tirsen Newbie

            Ok, thanx for the help! I'll try out 3.0.1 at once. Strangely I could only find the download on the download-page at sourceforge, not here att jboss.