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    Problem with Servelt in jboss-3.0.0_tomcat-4.0.3

    Muraly Newbie

      I am using jboss-3.0.0_tomcat-4.0.3.
      Here I have created an ear file which is having an html file and a servlet.
      The html forms submit will call the servlet.
      I deployed the ear bu copying it to the deploy folder in server\default.
      When i give:


      i get the outptu for the html file.

      But when i give:


      which is the servlet, I am just getting a blank page.No Errors!.

      But in Jboss console i get,
      14:47:22,420 INFO [Engine] StandardHost[localhost]: MAPPING configuration error
      for request URI

      Can anyone throw some light how to get servlet&jsp output using this scenario.