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    Basic Load Testing

    Ryan Rhodes Newbie

      My company has been developing a product on top of JBoss/Tomcat for the last six months.

      I have a question about a simple load test I'm trying to perform. I have two boxes, running Windows XP Pro, and JBoss-2.4.7_Tomcat-4.0.4.

      On the one box, I start up 500 threads, they wait() until everyone is started, and then I launch them all with notifyAll(). Once launched, each thread makes an HTTP request to the server with an XML document in the body.

      On the server, I have an echo servlet, that takes the request and echo's the document back to the client... that's it.

      Tomcat is configured with:

      Can anyone explain why, if I increase the number of client threads beyond about 100, I get a ton of connection refused exceptions? Shouldn't I just see performance degrade, but not see outright connection refusal?



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          Joel Vogt Master

          There are a few problems with the jboss 2.4.7 release If I remember correctly. I would strongly advise grabbing the 2.4.8 version and seeing if your problems remain.

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            Ryan Rhodes Newbie

            I've run this with:

            With standalone
            Tomcat-4.1.9 Beta

            and with Resin

            Is this just a limitation of servlet containers?

            I had assumed if you set the min_threads=500, then you could receive 500 simultaneous requests.

            Resin kinda worked, but only if you ran it a couple of times to warm it up. Standalone Tomcat could handle about 200 requests, but no higher?

            Am I missing something here?


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              Pascal Paradis-Théberge Newbie

              I'm not 100% positive, but I think your problem is Win XP Pro which is not considered a "server OS" by MS and has therefore a limitation on number of concurrent connections.

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                Ryan Rhodes Newbie

                According to the MS website, "connection limit" is the number of different IP addresses that can connect; however, from one box to another, there isn't a fixed limit.

                We actually tested this to make sure. We opened a bunch of connections to a servlet that goes to sleep.

                Strangely enough, there is a limit of 15 Connections from a box to itself *boggle*