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    David Li Newbie

      Hi all,
      I set the context root in my application.xml as empty, but when I use request.getContextPath(), I am getting a forward slash. Can some one tell me what is happen there and how can I set the context root to empty?
      Following is my code is application.xml
      and I am running JBoss 3.0.0 with Jetty.

      Thank you.


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          Julian Gosnell Expert

          do you get a line in your log like this:

          00:18:09,312 WARN [jbossweb] WARNING: pathSpec should start with '/' or '*' : WithoutLeadingSlashTest


          What webcontainer do you normally use that allows you a context of '' ?


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            David Li Newbie

            Just for the note:
            my application was used to run in websphere. but now I try to deploy the application to jboss.
            in websphere, the previous coders code the paths in jsp as:
            <%=request.getContextPath() + "/someservlet"%>
            in webshpere, the setup to an empty rootcontext is okay, but now with jetty, it looks like by default it is "/".


            I am just wondering if there is a way to set teh jetty to not default the contextpath as "/".

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              Mikael Eriksson Novice

              This seems to happen when the request is first
              sent to a sevlet that forwards to a jsp.
              (Theres a similar problem when using struts)

              The good news is that it works on 3.0.1 so
              change to that and you will be rewarded :-)


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                David Li Newbie

                yep, that works in 3.0.0. Eventhough it took me a while to install 3.0.1 because of the missing jetty required packages. But it work at last, and that problem is fixed.
                Thanks for the hints. You guys are great.

                David Li.

                Thx again and have nice weekend.

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                  Julian Gosnell Expert

                  what "missing jetty required packages" ?

                  If you let me know the problem, I will fix it....


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                    David Li Newbie

                    Jules, the packages missing are:
                    javax.servlet.jar under the

                    com.sun.net.ssl.jar under the

                    note: ext have to be created.

                    Hope that will help.

                    David Li.

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                      Julian Gosnell Expert

                      servlet.jar is not shipped inside the Jetty plugin as it contains the servlet and JSP APIs, which are considered part of the J2EE 1.3 platform (not it's implementation) and thus shipped in /lib.

                      The ssl jar is not shipped as this fn-ality is not enabled for any of the configurations, you can get it elsewhere (if you want to enable it) and I haven't investigated the legalities of shipping it with JBoss.

                      I'll put the ssl.jar on my TODO list for consideration.

                      So - they are not "missing" or "required" - but present or (currently considered) optional.


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                        David Li Newbie

                        Okay, the reason I say it is missing is when I start up JBoss with Jetty, there are two warning messages regards to the referrences of the two packages I mentioned is missing, and i just follow those messages and put these two jars into the correct directories. I know the servlet package is there, and I got the ssl package from the jetty package i downloaded from apache.
                        Thank you Jules for the consideration of ssl.jar.

                        David Li.

                        ps. for my application, it is required ssl.jar because of the extra security I put in.

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                          Julian Gosnell Expert

                          The warnings were from a Jetty MANIFEST.MF which needed updating (now fixed in CVS) and were harmless.

                          Glad to hear you have SSL working - did you have any problems ?

                          Care to write a brief paragraph for my FAQ ?

                          If you do - I'll put the SSL jar into the distro - can't say fairer than that !