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    ServletContext.getRealPath() always null in Tomcat

    tsangcn Newbie


      When I use JBoss-2.4.4 with Tomcat 3.2.3, the getRealPath() method in ServletContext works OK.

      But when I use JBoss 3.0.1 with Tomcat 4.0.4 the getRealPath() method always returns null.
      I have checked that the WAR file is unpacked, so it should not returns null.

      When I use JBoss 3.0.1 with Jetty, the getRealPath() method returns null when I specify UnpackWars true in jboss-service.xml in jbossweb.sar
      And getRealpath() do returns a real path when I specify UnpackWars false in jboss-service.xml in jbossweb.sar

      What happens to Tomcat?