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    Henrique Faria Newbie

      Could anyone send me a tomcat4-service.xml, that works with mod_jk and apache, for jboss3?
      I'm trying for about a week (and have already posted 5 messages to the forum... without answers)!!!

      Henrique R. Faria

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          tsangcn Newbie

          connecting Tomcat with Apache is not the business of Jboss. You should find a solution in Apache, if you have luck. Because in apache.org, the projects for apache http server, tomcat and connector for apache and tomcat (i.e. mod_jk) are 3 different project teams. I think they have some kind of misunderstanding between each other. So at this moment, connecting tomcat and apache http server is a problem.

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            Henrique Faria Newbie

            Well, I'm lucky =^) !
            I was able to integrate apache_ssl-1.3.26 + tomcat_4.0.3 + jboss-3.0.0, with the files attached to this message.
            I had to put my .war files in jboss-dist/server/default/server. The packages in jboss-dist/catalina/webapps dont't work! I didn't test static pages.
            Thanks anyway!

            Henrique R. Faria

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              Henrique Faria Newbie

              I replied to this topic, but I think it was only to tsangcn.
              I was able to integrate apache_ssl-1.3.26, tomcat-4.0.3 and jboss-3.0.0.
              My configuration files are attached to this message.
              I hope they help the interested ones!

              Henrique R. Faria