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    a4j:region and facelets UIText and UILiteralText

    Andrew Apprentice

      Is there any way to stop the following when using facelets and a4j:regions?

      13:15:57,249 INFO [[/App]] WARNING: Component pageForm:_id1441 just got an automatic id, because there was no id assigned yet. If this component was created dynamically (i.e. not by a JSP tag) you should assign it an explicit static id or assign it the id you get from the createUniqueId from the current UIViewRoot component right after creation!

      It is coming from the inline facelets text that is transient (UIText and UILiteralText).

      Piece of the code:
       ajaxSingle="true" />

      I added the region because otherwise other controls that depend on submitted values break while using ajaxSingle="true" on the a4j:support. In my case, I was having checkboxes that were checked go back to unchecked (since there was no submitted value). I want to render items outside the region, so renderRegionOnly and selfRendered don't seem to be applicable.

      The code works just fine and there are no bugs, but the messages in the logs are annoying to say the least (our QA would probably report them as bugs).

      I would think there would be other posts/emails on this but I was unable to find it so sorry if this has been previously answered