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    WEB/JBoss = Jetty ?

    Philippe Newbie

      What's the WEB/JBoss they talk about in
      JBoss 3 getting started doc ? Is that Jetty ?
      Does that mean JBoss promotes jetty and leave
      Apache-Tomcat away ?
      By the way jboss.org runs with Jetty on
      ms windows 2000 ?! Strange !!

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          Julian Gosnell Expert

          JBossWeb - the JBoss Web Container - is-implemented-by/is-a-rebranding-of Jetty.

          If WEB/JBoss==JBossWeb then YES.

          Jetty is now an integral part of JBoss3 - a part of the codebase. Tomcat is a 3rd party project which may be integrated, but over the codebase and direction of which JBoss developers have no influence (unless Remi - freshly joined - does?).

          Yes, JBoss.org runs on Jetty - and "pops icecubes down the vest of a SlashDotting".

          Why are we running Windows - no idea....