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    mod_jk.conf is NOT created

    Manoj G. Kithany Newbie

      Hi Experts,

      I am using Apache(2.0.40), JBOSS(3.0.3) and Tomcat(4.0.4) on IBM AIX 5.1 System.

      After spending 1 week on Integrating Apache and Tomcat on IBM AIX System (and getting HELP from you guys from forum), I finally builded "mod_jk.so" file for this platform.

      I also configured Tomcat's "server.xml" and "workers.properties" file BUT when I start my JBOSS engine, "mod_jk.conf" file is NOT created automatically. I refereed the following document to configure that:

      Do you experts have any suggestion/information as to why "mod_jk.conf" file is not created automatically? The above document says the file is CREATED AUTOMATICALLY once you start Tomcat!

      Any related information on this would be appreciated.

      Manoj G. Kithany