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    Jetty fails to run POST

    Jack Park Newbie

      I've got the same servlet (not JSP) code running on various tomcats, including an older JBoss/Tomcat and it runs fine.

      I just installed that code on JBoss 3.0.2 (Jetty = 4.1, I presume) and it runs GET requests fine, but ignores POST requests from the browser. At least, POST responses don't show up in the rather aggressive traces I have installed, and the POST operation never gets logged, which it does under Tomcat

      I cannot begin to guess what's going on here. I hope someone has seen this before. Thanks.

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          Greg Wilkins Newbie

          I've had several reports like this - and the results have always been that a redirection is taking place on the POSTs and the client (IE) is turning the POST into a GET.

          The redirection that Jetty does, that I don't think
          tomcat does is to redirect /context to /context/

          This is due to lack of clarity in the servlet spec and
          the fact that a null or empty servletpath is not legal
          within a context.

          Anyway, I suggest that you look for such redirections
          and change the target of the forms to include the trailing

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            Jack Park Newbie

            Thank you, Greg.

            Firstly, I'm using Mozilla, not IE.

            Then, the nature of the response from the browser is based on the following code:


            Where one input is a save button, one is a text area, and the rest are hidden values.

            The only result of that that I get to see is after the redirection and then, it's all gone.
            The question is: where would I put the trailing slash?

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              Mikael Eriksson Novice

              I think the trailing slash is after wiki, so
              try to change /wiki to /wiki/


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                Jack Park Newbie

                I am most pleased to report that the suggestion seems to have corrected the problem. Still more testing to do, but it does look like that seems to have done the trick.

                Many thanks.