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    JBoss3.0.0+Tomcat4.0.3 ClassLoader intermingling between app

    Chris Hansen Newbie

      We're finding that, in some cases, JBoss3.0.0+Tomcat4.0.3 is not preserving separation of ClassLoaders between separate applications. We wanted to know if anyone else has encountered this problem.

      We have two unrelated ears which both contain wars. Third party ear A contains struts.jar and war A within ear A contains a MANIFEST.MF which contains a ClassPath which refers to struts.jar. Ear B contains war B with struts.jar in WEB-INF/lib.

      These apps *should* not share any classes. However, when we run app B, it uses app A's struts.jar. Furthermore, app A's struts.jar cannot load app B's classes.

      We worked around the problem by changing the third party ear A to store jars in WEB-INF/lib rather than refer to them in the MANIFEST.

      It is my understanding that JBoss 3.0 does not support MANIFEST ClassPath entries in a war. If that's the case, wouldn't those jars be ignored altogether? It seems dangerous to breach the barrier between applications' classloaders.

      Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

      - Chris