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    JBoss / Tomcat Hanging

    Aidan O'Grady Newbie

      I am using the integrated version of JBoss-2.4.6 with Tomcat-4.0.3.

      I have an applet client that connects to an EJB back end via a servlet hosted in the integrated tomcat, using ObjectStreams.
      This works well for a time, but eventually the client freezes and the following message is logged by JBoss.

      INFO org.jboss.web.localhost.Engine - HttpConnector[8080] ??????????????????????????????
      (repeated per connection attempt)

      The only rsolution is to restart JBoss and it runs ok again for a while.

      It seems that JBoss/Tomcat only ever creates the min number of HttpConnectors configured and does not create any more after that, regardless of the maxProcessors param. JBoss runs out of connections to handle requests and the entire system hangs.
      Just tried using Jetty instead, but the same problem has been observed.

      Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated.