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    xsql servlet from oracle don't work with tomcat/jboss?

    Kai Newbie

      I installed Tomcat4.0.4/Jboss 3.0.1 on win 2000.
      I am trying to make oracle's xsql servlet work but failed.

      Here is the message I got:
      Oracle XDK Java Production
      XSQL-013: XSQL Page URI is null or has an invalid format.

      After I checked the oracle web site, I found following message:
      ****************** start ********************
      I debugged this problem last night.

      The problem is that Java Web Server 2.0
      returns null for the Servlet API call:


      It appears one must diverge from
      the expected Servlet API call above
      and instead use the deprecated:


      instead when running against JWS 2.0
      A future release of XSQL may add
      a config-file switch to turn on
      the use of this deprecated behavior,
      but the and releases
      do not have this switch.

      Are you able to use any of the servlet engines listed in the XSQL Servlet release notes that we've tested it against?
      ****************** end ********************

      So could this happened in tomcat/jboss?