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    Asynchronous Navigation?

    Chris Puzzo Newbie

      So here's the situation we're trying to get working in-house:

      Our page is broken into two sections, a menu on the left and content on the right, same as this page and 90% of the web...

      We're attempting to use A4J to make the app more "Web 2.0"-ish and right now the task we're tackeling is attempting to make the content on the right update based on the menu choice on the left but without a full round-trip to the server. We don't want the whole page to refresh (want the url of what page the user is on to just stay "main.jsp" the whole time). We want to dynamically populate the content of the right portion of the page with the contents of a different JSP.

      If it weren't a whole other JSP we were attempting to stick into this area I would be fine with using an AJAX call to read in the contents of the file and just stuffing the response text into the innerHTML, however the thought in this case is that since its a JSP, the server obviously wouldn't have a chance to re-parse the JSP.

      So, I guess, multi-part qestion:

      a) If I did stuff another JSP verbatim into the innerHTML of, say a form or pannelGrid control or some such, and then used an A4J tag to re-render whatever control I stuffed it into, am I right in assuming that this would not cause the server to re-parse the JSP and I'd just get straight JSP code inside my rendered HTML tags?

      b) Anyone have any thoughts about a way to go about achieving this behavior? Our only other though is to use an IFrame, however that's kinda a last resort in our case (don't ask why) and we'd prefer to do it a different way if there is one.

      Thanks in advance!