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    run servlet

    reddy Newbie

      just now i downloaded jboss-3.0.3_tomcat-4.1.12.zip file from jboss.com.I started both tomcat server and jboss server tooo.So how can i run the small servlet and jsp and where i can put class file .can any one tell me about these things or any documentation

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          Christoph Grimm Newbie

          even as you read this message, you see the links on the left of the page.

          move your mouse to the green area, choose Documentation and leftclick on your mouse or let yout mother do for you.

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            Zaheer Ijaz Newbie

            Create a JSP page and place it in any folder but this folder should contains two more folders named:

            META-INF -- it contains MANIFEST.MF
            WEB-INF -- it contains web.xml

            pack all jsp/html and these two folers in a war file and place thus war file in


            PS. If there is any Database connectivity then you have to do something more.

            Zaheer Ijaz.