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    servlets using jini

    Dave Crane Newbie


      I'm migrating a set of servlets from Standalone Tomcat 4.x to JBoss 3.x with jetty (tried the tomcat-jboss download, didn't run well on my system, and I'd rather give jetty a try anyway...)

      Some of the servlets act as jini clients, using multicast to connect to various services at startup time. Hot-deploying the war that runs in tomcat doesn't work for me, I get a javax.servlet.UnavailableException, can post full stack trace if anyone wants to see it...

      Has anyone got this working with jboss/jetty, any tricks or tips I ought to know about?

      (FWIW, to get this working in tomcat, I had to add the jini libraries to the ${tomcat}/common/lib directory rather than inside the war, and fiddle about with security permissions a fair bit.)