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    tracking web site

    Murali Newbie

      Hi Everybody,
      I have a little task to complete in a week. I hope i'll get help from all of you to do this. Here I'm explaining the task.

      I need to know how to track the user what he is looking at in the website once he logged in. We need to store that statistics in javascript objects or in session which ever is feasible and when the session closes we need to send that data to the backend.

      Plz. provide some kind of design for this.
      Murali Ravipati

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          Jason Brome Newbie

          If your app is deployed on a Web server that supports the new 2.3 servlet spec, one quick way to do this would be to implement a filter.

          The filter can be configured to intercept all requests from the user to the web container. Within the filter you would capture and store within the user's session whatever statistical information you require.

          Then, just create a class that implements HttpSessionListener, and in the sessionDestroyed method persist your stats information from the session to your datastore (sessionDestroyed is invoked by the web container when the session has expired).

          Good luck,