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    Jetty AJP13 Random Errors

    niko Newbie


      I'm using JBoss2.4/Tomcat4 and working on an upgrade to JBoss3/Jetty right now.

      I'm using AJP13 and I noticed that Jetty would return randomly error 500 when I access servlets through AJP13.

      I tried to figure out a pattern, but I couldn't - it seems totally random. I am testing with JBoss3.0.3 but JBoss3.2.0beta also had the same errors.

      Specifically, I am accessing a servlet from an MBean running in JBoss through AJP13. The servlet and the MBean are running on the same JBoss server. I know this is a weird way to use AJP13, but just loading the serlvet in a browser also produced HTPP/500 errors. JBoss 3 w/ Tomcat does not have that problem.

      I am able to consistently reproduce the problem, by -

      1. Invoking the servlet through the MBean w/ AJP13 successfully.
      2. Redeploying the EAR containing the WAR with the servlets.
      3. Redeploying the MBean
      4. Trying step 1 again fails.

      I downloaded the JBoss source and am going to debug it tomorrow but any ideas would be appreciated.

      Is JBoss 3.0.3 using an older version of Jetty (4.1 beta?) Maybe if I upgrade to the latest Jetty that would fix it. Or maybe I need to tweak the AJP13 listener settings?