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    get attribute session when session is destroying

    Lamouret Newbie

      I'm using Jboss 2.4.9 on Linux Debian, JDK1.4_01

      I would want to do something when a session is destroyed by the container. But
      what i have to do depend on attribute value in the destroying session.
      The trouble is that in sessionDestroyed(HttpSessionEvent p_oHse) of the HttpSessionListener, the session
      has alreaday been invalidate so i can get attribute in the p_oHse.getSession()

      How can i do to get those attributes ?

      Perhaps with HttpSessionActivationListener.

      HttpSessionActivationListener defines 2 methods : sessionWillPassivate and sessionDidActivate
      I've defined in my web.xml file my HttpSessionActivationListener class as a
      listener, but this 2 methods never called.

      Can somebody help me ?