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    Can anybody really deploy a WAR file?

    Ignacio de Cordoba Novice

      Hi there,
      after spending 15 days reading messages in this forum, I'd like to know if anybody has been capable of deploying a WAR file that references to EJBs deployed in another .jar .
      I've seen many people with exactly the same problema as I have, but noone has yet posted the procedure to check the jboss.xml and jboss-web.xml files, along with that <ejb-link> tag that must be present in ejb-jar.xml:

      org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentException: Error during deploy; - nested throwable: (javax.naming.NamingException: ejb-local-ref: ejb/skios/UserManagerLocal, target not found, add valid ejb-link)

      I've checked my xml descriptors many times and they seem to be OK. They even work perfect in other application servers.
      Is there any tutorial that explains how to deploy jars in JBoss? But jars developed with other IDEs than XDocklet and Ant...
      I don't have any problem with buing JBoss docs, but do they cover this?

      thanks for any help